René Gabriel : Des Arts Décoratifs à La Reconstruction

A pioneer of design, René Gabriel (1899-1950) started out as a domino maker, then established himself as a decorator in most of the inter-war fairs and exhibitions. The discovery of several thousand of his drawings, kept at the National School of Decorative Arts where he taught, allows us to understand the extent of the work of this singular creator who was interested in all everyday objects: furniture , wallpaper, fabric, dishes, rugs, but also architecture, illustration, scenography, advertising … A follower of wood, this fervent defender of furniture for all was illustrated at the time of the Reconstruction by inventing many models for disaster victims and by establishing close ties with the industry.

· Hardcover, French
· by Pierre Gencey

· 336 pages
· 230 x 305 mm





크기 11.5 × 11.5 × 13 cm

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